3. I Don’t Know What I am Doing


I am a millennial who has no clue how to blog. Maybe it is because of my short attention span. I could just post random photos I find funny and be like iwastesomuchtime.com, which is one of my all time favorite websites to go on and procrastinate. But shouldn’t a blog like this have a little more to it? I guess beyond the purpose of being a blog for my advertising class, I’m not really sure what direction to take this blog in. I’ve attempted to make menus in my menu bar for posts about music or writing, but for the life of me I cannot make that happen. I think because of my self-diagnosed O.C.D. I want to be able to categorize my posts in an organized way.

Back to my thoughts on being a useless millennial who is struggling to write a blog. I guess blogging is all about getting your opinion out there, but what opinions am I trying to voice? If you have any advice please feel free to let me know. I had an idea about doing a weekly Haiku or poem, which could be cool, but is that worth doing? I just don’t love this idea of having to blog when I am not sure what I am even trying to blog about. Honestly I don’t even know why I am writing this blog post, I have no interest in anyone reading this and it makes me nervous just to think that someone could read this if they wanted to. I feel myself censoring what I type, which is so shitty. I hate that other people can make blogging look so easy, well I guess I don’t hate them, I’m just envious.

Now I am freaking out because this post looks to long, I would never take the time to read this post. It’s easier just to post a silly photo or funny joke and call it a day, but I don’t want to just do that, I want my blog to have some meaning to it. On another note, I am trying not to re-read my post, because I will end up overthinking and probably deleting the whole thing. I want to end this post. However, have I really said anything in this post so far? Or is this just a millennial ranting about stupid problems that no one else can really relate to. Okay, I am going to come to terms that this post and call it a sort of “get-things-going” situation. Does that even make sense?

I am sorry if I have waster your time, but thanks for sticking with it. Here’s three photos of my pets:

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