4. I’m Not Much of A Poet, Trust Me I know It.

On my first day of classes, this semester, one of my professors asked us to write a Haiku about fear. I didn’t think much about it until today; which is why I took another stab at writing a few Haikus. If you don’t know what a haiku is, google it. Life isn’t easy, why should I just give you the answer?


Stone cold covered ground.

Pounded feet that have no sound

Life circle—round

Fight me

Flowing veins of rage.

Push me to go fight and scream

Silent anger brims


Contracting muscles

Hysterically. I can’t breath

The joke went to far

Sea & Sand

The energy flows.

Crashing waves hit the sand

Clean the print of man

One More look

I stare at myself

My image is reflected

The mirror shows me

Night, Night

The moon is awake.

The world is now put to bed.

A wordless goodnight.


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