5. Unsolicited Music Suggestions

Everyone has their own opinions about music, which is really awesome if you think about it. Some people hate listening to music and prefer podcasts, others don’t really care but they have a favorite song or artist that they can jam out to, and then there are people who are obsessed with a genre and are constantly seeking concerts with their favorite band or musician. My point is that, I have never met anyone who doesn’t have an opinion about music.

My opinion on music (and this may sound cheesy) but it can be summed up by a Bob Marley quote, where he says “the thing about music is when it hits you feel no pain” I may not love all music but it doesn’t hurt to check it out. I used to hate country, but it never hurt me I just preferred not to listen to it. For me, music is about so much more than just something to listen to, it is about feeling something.

So getting to the point of this post. I really want to try and do a post at least once every two weeks or so about music; whether that be my top ten songs of the week or a few suggestions of artists I have recently found. I want to just sort of write about music. This week I wanted to share a few artists that have caught my eye recently and share what songs to check out by them (that I have enjoyed), their genre, and a quick bit about the band or artists.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Genre: Alternative / Indierainbowkittensurprise-819x550.jpg

Songs to Check Out:



This band is playing at Bonnaroo this year, which is a festival in Tennessee that I went to last year and absolutely would recommend going to. It is a real experience that I suggest everyone does, it’s like a less intense Burning Man. Trust me, get a group of friends and check it out. But, back to Rainbow Kitten Surprise; it is a group of five guys who came together to form their band in early 2013. The music they produce has a very unique sound that I personally cannot justly describe to you. If you are looking for some chill music to jam out to during a relaxing car ride, I would suggest these guys.


Genre: Progressive Rock dosio.jpg

Songs to Check Out:


Need a go to jam band? Then these are your guys. I saw Papadosio live last year without knowing much about their music and I fucking loved it. My brother suggested I check them out, and now I am passing on that suggestion. They categorize their type of music as “falling somewhere between rock, jazz and electronic mayhem”. They seek to give their listeners a “unique experience” and I can say that they have managed to do this. The band has five guys who know how to rock out and show their fans a good time. If you can, try and seem them live, otherwise check out their music via SoundCloud, iTunes, or whatever preferred music platform of your choosing.


Genre: Trap / Post-dubstep / Wonky hermitude-1.jpg

Songs to Check Out:


An Australian duo, that grew from a friendship or mutual love towards music. They began as a band that was called the “funk injections” that was formed at the age 16 and 11. These guys live and breath music. They have some funky beats that can let you zone out as you watch the clouds pass by, but they also have music that can get a party jumping.



Genre: Hip Hopmusic1-1_9-18-14.jpg

Songs to Check Out:



His real name is Marcus Hopson and he is one of my all time favorite rappers. This man is an absolute genius. I even got my mom to listen to this and she hates rap, because she doesn’t find the lyrics pleasant or the cursing necessary. BUT, if you can get past that, you have to listen to this man’s lyrics. He says something with his words and yeah sometimes he is just shit talking but at least he isn’t talking about spending money and fucking girls like most rappers! Check the lyrics to “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5″and take a second and try to understand why I respect him so much for saying the shit needed to be said.

For more information about any of these bands, I have linked their websites below.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise: http://www.rksband.com

Papadosio: https://www.papadosio.com

Hermitude: http://hermitude.com

Hopsin * does not have a website* here is his youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/Hopsintv

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