15. Scatterbrained

My Mind:


We were recently assigned our first creative assignment for my introduction to creativity in advertising. The photo above is an accurate representation of what happened when I was brainstorming ideas for the video. The assignment is to make a 30-second video about “you”. I don’t want to really spoil my surprise but I thought I’d share the poem, so far, that will accompany the video.


Paying attention?


I am James.

You can call me Kell.

Now you know my name so,

I’m not exactly sure where to go.


Welcome to my mind

Not sure how to explain,

The ins and outs of my brain


It’s hard when I get thinking

My thoughts run left and right

There is no simple way

To navigate your way through


Those times where it wont shut off

I let my mind run free,

But when it suddenly all stops.

And I’ve got nothing left to do

I sit. And think of darkness,

It’s scary and I cry

Not all fun and games,

When you crawl into my mind.

*** (The drawing is self-made…. I know there is a better way to phrase that but I am currently lacking said phrase)

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