18. I am NOT a Night Owl

IT IS VERY LATE (for me)

It is currently 12:28 AM. I usually pass out before 11pm….my boyfriend makes fun of me for this. I just love sleep. Unfortunately for the past few nights I have failed to fall asleep before 11pm so now I can’t sleep till either 1am or 3am. BUT the reason I am even making this post is because I just “finished” my 30-second commercial for my advertising class! (“finished” because I will keep editing it until it is due) This project has been tormenting my dreams and has been the only thing I have been thinking about since I started the darn assignment. I have learned a few things during this process.

  1. Editing is time consuming
  2. Any form of stop-motion editing will drive you insane
  3. My OCD has hit an all time high, then fell to an all time low
  4. I HATE using iMovie

Though there were times where I came close to pulling my hair out due to frustration, it was a fun process. I am also proud of myself for putting the time and effort into this project and even it is not the best, it does really reflect me. So, without further-a-do here is the video I have created.


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