29. Short Story

Dinner Party

The detective came over, “Kevin, I was wondering if you think you would be able to explain the night to us, we know this is difficult, but we need to make sure we have all the facts right.”

“Uh… yeah.” I responded.

The detective took out a notebook and looked at my waiting for me to begin.

I took a deep breath and started from the beginning. “The taxi dropped me off at my friend’s house around 7:30 pm. Before going inside, I took a moment to collect myself, I knew this was going to be a long night of socializing even though it was just supposed to be a casual gathering of close friends, hosted by my old friend Mac.”

The detective interrupted me “Who’s Mac?”

“Mac is an old friend.” I said.

“How did you guys meet?”

“I met him in college at a local bar.”

“That’s it?” The detective asked then looked at me, obviously waiting.

“We had been hitting on the same girl, but we both got rejected so we bonded.”

The detective kept pushing for more information about Mac, so I told him about how is the type of guy that truly committed himself to the things he did. He got in a lot of trouble, since he was easily persuaded to do things. And whenever Mac landed himself into sticky situations, I was the one to help him out.

The detective nodded and said “Thanks, you can go on with the story and please don’t leave out any details.”

So, once again I gathered myself together and began to tell the story of the terrible night I had just experienced.

“I got inside, and immediately realized that I didn’t know anyone there, except for Mac and his girlfriend, Sarah. Right after arriving, Mac told us to take our seats at the dinner table. There was about seventeen people, including myself. It seemed like an odd group of people, but then again I never really understood the people Mac hung out with. I sat down between Sarah and a man named Carter, who worked with Mac. I shook hands with him, and I promptly realized how sweaty his palms were, but besides that he seemed pretty normal. I introduced myself to the people sitting across from me. There was a girl named Jessica, and a couple, Bill and Daphne.”

“Can you describe these people to me?” The detective asked.

“Um yeah I can try. Sarah, Carter’s girlfriend”

The detective looked at me for confused, then said “I thought Sarah was Mac’s girlfriend…”

“Right, sorry that’s what I meant to say. Sarah, Mac’s girlfriend. She had a purple sweater on and…”

Again I was interrupted by the detective, “No I mean how were they acting”

“Oh. Sarah, Mac’s girlfriend”

“You said that” the detective interjected

“Sorry. It’s just a lot has happened.” I paused, took a deep breath and tried to give the detective what he wanted. “Sarah seemed normal, she hasn’t really ever had much of a personality. But this girl Jessica, who was one of the people sitting across from me, now she had a personality and boy was she acting weird.”

“What do you mean weird?” The detective asked.

“She was just all up in my face asking me a bunch of questions and she just was happy, and perky, she even asked me about my height…”

“Your height?”

“Ya. My height” I spat back at the detective.

The detective looked hurt by my aggression, but he didn’t say anything, so I went on with the story, since all I wanted was to get out of the stupid room, with this stupid detective.

“So we had dinner, I drank…will this be held against me?”

Confused, the detective looked up from his note taking, “Uh, no why?”

“Just because I drank a lot.” I said in a feeble voice.

“Kevin. We are just trying to figure out what happened so that we can move forward with this investigation.”

“Okay. Yeah so we had dinner, and I was drinking, because I hated social dinners like this. They always made me feel weird. I made some small talk with the boyfriend from that couple… dill, mill, BILL, yeah with Bill. At one point I got up because the table had run out of wine and I knew where the kitchen was. When I got to the kitchen, I was startled by the bright lights and the blindingly white counter tops. I took a moment to adjust to the lighting of the kitchen. That’s when I realized I had been drinking a lot. I then went over to the bar area and poured myself a fat glass of wine and brought the rest of the bottle with me back to the kitchen.”

The detective spoke up, “Do you normally drink this much?”

‘Fucking noisy detective’ my inner monologue was furious with all these interjections and stupid questions.

“No sir. I just was feeling out of place and didn’t really feel like being social so I drank to make things a bit easier.” I said this in the politesse way possible.

“So I got back to the table. Jessica had moved switched seats with Bill so she could sit next to me.”

“I thought Carter was the guy sitting next to you. I really need you to try and focus here Kevin. You may not realize this but everything thing matters.”

It felt like the detective was talking down to me. I had just been through a traumatic experience, I wasn’t stupid. I bet he thought I was stupid.  Jessica thought I was stupid, that pretty girl thought I was stupid. They all thought I was stupid.

“Kevin…” The Detective was staring at me.

“Sorry, it’s hard. I’ll try and be a bit more helpful. So Ya. Jessica was sitting in the seat next to me when I got back. She wanted to know more about me, I think she was flirting with me or maybe she was interrogating me. It could have gone either way.”

I heard a chuckle come from the detective.

“After dinner we all moved to the patio, where there was a brick fireplace with a big ass fire. I sat in a chair close to it. I listened to conversations, there were these two girls that caught my attention. I hadn’t met them at dinner, but they were talking about me, well I assumed they were talking about me, since I heard ‘tall guy’ and I was the only guy at the party that was generally tall. I also over heard something along the lines of ‘he must be the one’ and ‘I wonder if he knows’, which made absolutely no sense, but I mean I had been drinking. These two girls like wouldn’t keep my eyes off me. One was so beautiful, she had red hair and blue eyes, it was something really unique and entrancing. The other girl seemed a bit duller, but she was still cute.”

The defective was looking at me, like he wanted to ask me something so I stopped and he immediately jumped on the opportunity

“Up to this point had you had any feelings of being uncomfortable or urges to leave?” he asked.

“I don’t think so, it all seemed normal, but I mean when Mac suggested we all play hide-n-seek I wasn’t exactly comfortable with that. I don’t think adults our age should be playing such stupid games.”

“You played hide-n-seek? So you were all over the house?”

“Yeah, why does that matter?” I asked knowing the exact intention of his question.

“Well when we do a sweep of the house, we will be looking for finger prints to identify people, but now that we know you were playing hide-n-seek, it will make sense to find your fingerprints somewhere that we would otherwise find odd.”

The detective gave me the answer I was looking for and I went on with my story.

“While everyone around me seemed totally comfortable with the situation, it took me a moment to really grasp the situation of a bunch of grown ups playing hide-n-seek. Before I had a chance to even ask Mac if I could not play, the game had basically started. Mac was starting the count down and everything was taking off running. I almost made it into the house, but my feet had got caught on the step and I tripped over myself. That’s when I got a bloody noise, which wouldn’t stop for basically the entire night.” I made sure to say this. “As I was picking myself off the ground I saw people disappearing around corners and up stairs. I went for the guest room. As I rushed into the room and immediately feel, again. I looked behind me to see what had tripped me. I had stumbled over a pair of feet sticking out from under the bed. I looked under the bed and found Jessica smiling back at me. She put her finger up to her lips and shooed me away. Before I left I saw something shinny, I guess it was a knife, but that didn’t register.”

The detective spoke up.

“Why do you think she had a knife?” he asked.

Shit. Why would she have a knife. I had a knife. But why would she have a knife?

“Uh, because she had one later in the night, when things went down.”

The detective seemed satisfied with this response.

“I also went to the bathroom, but the couple from dinner were inside the tub. I wandered back to the main part of the house, my vision slightly hazy. I could hear Mac counting down, he was almost halfway done.  Out of nowhere, the red-head from before ran right into me. I stumbled backward and slammed into the wall. I asked her if she wanted to find a place to hide with me, but she didn’t seem interested and sort of just took of running. I finally found an empty room and in the corner behind the wraparound couch there was a little cloud in the shape of a beanbag and jumped on it. I sort of just dozed off laying there.”

Again the detective was looking at me like he had something to say, so I paused. He didn’t say anything.

“I was woken up by loud noises that were coming from downstairs. I was sitting in the dark and just stared at the ceiling for a second. I guess I had been asleep for awhile, but no one had found me. So I got up and followed the direction in which the noise was coming from.”

“So when you were asleep is probably when it all happened?” The detective asked.

Ah. There we go. He hadn’t asked a question in awhile.

“Yes. Sir. I would assume that is what happened.”

“Right. Okay Kevin. So I know this is where things will get hard. But I need you to try and remember as much as possible about what happens next.”

“I will try my best. So I got to the staircase and there was this loud scream. I froze in my tracks. I had no idea what the fuck was going on.  I lowered myself to the ground to peek through the railings. I took a few deep breaths, and realized how silly I was being. While I guess I wasn’t being silly, on account of what was really happening. Anyway, I walked down the stairs, and walked towards the sound of the loud noise from before, which seemed to be coming from the kitchen. When I opened the kitchen door I suddenly I felt all eyes on me. The scene in front of me was something…. something out of a movie. Everyone was draped in black capes, their faces covered by shadows from the hoods. There were candles everywhere. They seemed to be tightly huddled around the main kitchen counter top. I was unable to make out what exactly was there. I thought I was dreaming or just super drunk for a moment, but it was just to real. Then I heard Jessica’s perky fucking voice. She was going off about how someone was supposed to take care of me. I was totally freaked out, then Mac like said something and that’s when I saw what was going on. Mac had moved and behind him was blood. OH god. Man it was terrible there was so much blood. Someone said the world cult at some point I think. I don’t remember. There was so much blood.” I let my voice get shaky to give it a real sense of fear.

The detective spoke up and urged me on, “What happened next Kevin?”

I took a long pause to give it that extra flair. I knew it wasn’t necessary but it wouldn’t hurt anything.

“I.. I.. I ran. I knew I was being chased. Then they caught me. I was guess someone hit my on the head, because it all went black and the next thing I know I was tied up in a chair. A didn’t recognize any of the people that were surrounding me, but it was all so crazy. They were chanting. I looked over and saw the blood from before and then I saw her. I saw the red head….” I began to choke on my words and forced myself to cry. “She was the source of the blood. They had killed her. Those monsters had killed her!” I then broke down in hysterics.

“Kevin. Kevin. Calm down. This is hard. I know. I am so sorry. Look take a few deep breaths and I will get you some water.” The detective got up, leaving me alone.

Wow this was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I had this detective eating out of my hands. What an idiot.

The detective entered the room and handed me a cup of water. I drank from it very slowly, making sure he saw how freaked I was. I even managed to have my hand be shaking perfectly so that water spilled out on me. I bet I looked to hopeless.

“Whenever you are ready Kevin, we are almost done.” His tone was sweet, just like a cop to be all kind when he needed something. Maybe I’ll get him next. But, right now I had to finish this story.

I took a deep breath and went on.

“Yeah. I was tied up with this girl dead next to me. Her blood everywhere. And these monsters chanting around me. I guess it was some sort of ritual or something like that. That girl Jessica then came into sight. They stopped chanting. I guess she is their leader. She had a knife in her hand. I thought that was the end for me. Then I heard Mac’s voice shouting at hear. He told her to stop. That this wasn’t the plan and that he wouldn’t let this happen. Jessica and him went at it arguing as I just sat there, a dead body next to me and blood at my feet. I thought I was going to be sick. The alcohol was slowly making its way up. But I held it down. There was suddenly a loud slapping noise. My head spun to see where the noise had come from. Jessica had slapped Mac. Things happened really fast after that. Mac grabbed Jessica by the hand and like took the knife. He walked over towards me. And let me loose. I took the opportunity to get the fuck out of there. I almost slipped on the blood, but this time I didn’t fall. There was nothing stopping me from getting the fuck out of there. I knew Mac was trying to yell something to stop me and then I heard light foot steps chasing me. I turned my head and saw Jessica chasing me. I ran out of the house and to the road, I saw car lights down the road and ran towards it. I sprinted as fast as I could and flagged the car down. The guy driving rolled down his windows and asked me what was wrong. But before I could tell him, Jessica had caught up and out of nowhere she stabbed me right in the side. I was lucky she didn’t get any of my vital organs. But then the guy in the car jumped to action and he helped me stop Jessica from hurting me any more. But she got away and I guess ran back to the others. The guy in the car was a medic and he stitched me up. He didn’t have a phone on him, and my phone I guess was still back at the house. But he drove me to the station and that’s where I met you detective.”

The detective quickly finished the notes and looked up at me with caring eyes. I guess I had won him over.

“Kevin. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I swear we will catch these sick bastards. It’s a twisted world out there. But rest assure I will work day and night to fix this.”

“Thank you officer.”

I waited to be dismissed, but he just was sort of staring at me with this concerned eyes.

I decided to make things happen, so I spoke up, “I was wondering, yeah know I am so exhausted and would really love to be able to have the comfort of my own home right now.”

The detective took a moment then said, “Yes. Of course. I understand son. Let’s get you a cab.”

He called a cab and I was escorted out of the station.

As I sat in the back of the cab, I felt a slight pain from the stab wound that I had stitched up. I was going to need to find that car I stole from that man. I would need to get rid of it, that should be easy.

I felt a warm sensation wash over me. A smile began to creep across my face. This had been such a wonderful night. I had a few mess ups with names, but I had really done a great job with the detective. I knew they wouldn’t find anything back at the house. When it came to clean up I was flawless. Just the story telling was a bit more difficult. I had to hand it to myself though, saying there was so many people there, truly genius. That would have the cops looking for god only knows how long, for people that didn’t even exist. Of course, Mac existed. And a few others. But it didn’t really matter and that mattered was that I had gotten away with it. Again.


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