34. Poetry

Me, Myself, and Poetry

This is my notebook of poetry, I have been writing in it since 2012 so I was about 15 when I started really started to get into it. I’ve added tons of scrap writing that I’ve written during classes or when the notebook wasn’t with me, so it all sort of just gets shoved in there.

The majority of my poetry is dark and cynical, because for me poetry was an outlet and still is the best way to let out my frustration. I went through a lot in high school and it was hard to figure things out. I struggled with depression, social anxiety, and many other personal issues. In the end I came out a stronger person, but it took a lot of work to get myself where I am today. Poetry was always there for me, I had lots of issues with trust and therefore I often isolated myself. During the times of isolation, I would turn to writing, I found that poetry was the easiest way to get my problems out there. It helped me let off some steam and then allowed me to reflect on what the real problem was.

My senior year of high school, I took a class basically a writers workshop. There were five other girls in the class and it was absolutely my favorite class I had ever taken. In this class, I was able to play with poetry and got really creative with how I was writing. My teacher was encouraging and allowed me to look at poetry in a whole new light. Suddenly, poetry was not only an outlet, but more of a thing that was a part of me. I may not be the best poet, but I sure as hell have fun writing it.


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