42. Exit Through The Gift Shop



It is hard to determine what art is. I think defining art is very personal. After watching Exit Through The Gift Shop, my opinion on what art is for me changed from something beautiful or thought-provoking into this idea that art is anything that someone is passionate about. For Thierry Guetta, his passion was video taping, this passion in itself is art. Thierry’s passion led him all over the world and on countless adventures and finally it brought him to the artist Banksy. Banksy, who wasn’t in it for the fame or money,  was doing it because he was passionate, and that is what made his work art. These two men have passions that let them create art, in one way or another.


In the world of art, plagiarism is non-existent in my opinion. When Thierry had his opening show, he had hundreds of piece of already existing pieces of art redone in the way he saw fit and yet there was no obvious problem with it. The real problem is that I don’t think Thierry understood what he was doing when it came down to it and yet everything worked out for him, and when that happened I think it upset Banksy and Invader. I will always stand behind my belief that plagiarism does not exist in the world of art, but this is not to say it doesn’t upset me that Thierry was able to jump into things and be so rewarded, when there are other artists out there who work twice as hard and have no recognition.

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