47. Lazy Advertisement

I think that these Febreze experiment commercials are one of the laziest forms of advertising out there. Not only is it a repetitive campaign, that I have no interest in, but it also is just so ridiculously unrealistic. I USE FEBREZE and it is not that great of a product, it smells like it is purposefully trying to cover up a terrible smell and that terrible smell is just underneath this overpowering scent.

Not only is this unrealistic, it is also boring and predictable. Once you’ve scene on version of this ad, then all the rest are just the same thing with different people and scenarios. There is nothing exciting about the commercial, you know that they are going to think they are somewhere that is clean and then they are shocked when they are told that the only reason it smells so good is because of Febreze.

FebrezeĀ is only hurting themselves by doing these commercials. I actually recently saw a post about if commercials were honest and one of them was making fun of the Febreze commercials and how unrealistic they are and I was actually happy to see that Febreze was being ridiculed.

Febreze needs to stop being lazy and start being a bit more creative, because I am sick and tired of these lazy commercials.

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