57. Follow Up Money Post

I didn’t give you guys much context for my last post, so I thought I would clarify why I posted what I posted in post 57 post post post post.

We had another blog assignment and it was to do something with money. Our professor showed us a few examples of what past students have done and basically we were/are supposed to deface money in a creative way. I immediately thought of holding money for ransom and asking for the exact cost of whatever money I was holding ransom as the exchange rate. (if that makes sense)

I hope that explains my last post, if it doesn’t I am sorry. I am not the best at describing things like this. ANYWAYS, I also wanted to share with you one photograph that I actually didn’t put in my last post because I just felt like it didn’t need any more. Here it is:DSC01256.jpg

PS: I had WAY to much fun holding money for ransom.

PSPS: I have been kidnapping my boyfriend’s belongs (i.e.: skateboard, bracelet, hat etc) and sending him Snapchats drawings with the items being “tortured”. He found it funny the first time, now he is getting sick and tired of my nonsense.

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