59. Personal Haikus

Adoption pt 1. 

Nine months you held me.

Our relationship was short.

Please don’t forget me.

Adoption pt 2.

I was once your kid.

Now I am someone else’s.

That is how it goes.


Lived by the beach

Life felt like a movie.

Suddenly everything changed


Brothers went away.

I moved back to the city—

Hated mom and dad.

*** Just to give you some contexts, I was adopted at birth and new this my entire life. I connected with my biological mom a few years ago and found out that I have a biological older brother and sister, who were not put up for adoption and I also have a biological younger brother who was adopted. I am so thankful for the family I have, but I had problems dealing with adoption when I was younger.

My family lived in NYC for the first five years of my life, then my brothers wanted to go to high school in CT. We moved there and I loved it, but then my brother’s graduated and went away and my dad hated commuting to work, so my parents decided that we would move back to NYC. So, I started middle school in NYC and was very upset about leaving CT, but eventually learned to love being back in the city. (I DON’T HATE MY MOM AND DAD. I was angry with them when I was little and was trying to write from the emotional state that my younger self was in during this transition.)

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