61. Popsocket Obsession

FIRST OFF. There are no fucking memes about popsockets (that I could find) which made for some unknown reason made me furious. #LifeofAMemeAddict

Besides my meme issue,  I just got a popsocket and I am in love with it. I customized it because I wanted it to be one of a kind. I choice Tyler, The Creator’s face because he is one of my idols and then I did a hot pink background and back piece because pink and black look badass together.













I am definitely going to be making more customized popsockets, because they are just so fucking cute and actually useful. (Beware friends, because you WILL be getting popsockets as gifts).

My only problem with popsockets is that it uses sticky stuff to stay on phone cases and basically once you decided to go with one phone case that popsocket is going to stay on there forever. Sort of a bummer that I can’t switch them around, but hey this is only the beginning of popsockets.

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