IMG_5871This was Jasper. He was only 3 when he was hit by a car and taken away from me. I have decided to write a post about him, since my feelings have taken over, since I was told of his passing two days ago. He was sweet, silly, and above all he was my one of my best friends. People say that their dogs are like family and that is something I strongly believe in. I was the one who picked Jasper and from that day on he was a part of my family, he was my baby boy. He slept in my bed every night, and from then on he would always sleep in my bed, regardless of me being their or not. I loved watching him grow up, he was always curious but also very scared of just about everything, except for the squirrel that used to taunt him. He wasn’t the bravest or strongest dog, but he loved everyone, gave the best cuddles, and he was just overall a sweat pup. He opened his heart to the cat I adopted last year and soon they were best friends, he never felt jealous he just was excited that he had a new best friend in his life. I loved Jasper and will always love Jasper. He was a special dog, who will never be forgotten.


R.I.P Jasper (aka Jazzy) 2014-2017

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