52. Deadmau5

This past weekend, I went back to NYC for a Deadmau5 concert. I had previously given my boyfriend tickets to this concert for Christmas, because Deadmau5 is one of his favorite artists. This is the 3rd time I have seen Deadmau5 and this was by far the best experience seeing him preform live. The concert … More 52. Deadmau5

50. Legacy

The final part of the second creative project is to create a legacy of some sort. IE: tv show, sculpture, building, event, movie, etc. Right now this is what I have. I am not 100% if I am going to stick with it. BUT for now this it:

46. Bear the Cat

I have already introduced you to my cat (Bear). He is amazing. I was recently watching some TV and looked over and noticed how amazing Bear looked in the light that was coming through my window, so I took the opportunity to take a few photos and these were my favorite ones I took.